Crypto Investment Funds

Crypto Investment Funds (CIF)

Description: Crypto Investment Funds (CIFs) may take the form of closed-end or open-end and whose underlying investments comprise digital assets of any kind. Smart contracts unleash efficiency improvements for investment funds operations, including fast and auditable capital calls and distributions alongside transparent, error-proof, Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations.



Crypto Investment Fund

  • Ticker: CIF
  • Token: ERC20 (Ethereum)
  • Solidity code Repository


Fully configurable smart contracts

  • Initial supply
  • Token name
  • Decimal units
  • Token symbol
  • Holding time
  • Payments
  • Automatic NAV calculations
  • Closed-end/Open-end supply


Set different subtypes

Sub-type: Closed-end (ex. ETFs)
They have a fixed token supply so they cannot be redeemed but traded in the secondary market. Tokens’ price will depend on markets’ demand and therefore may trade above or below the NAV attached to the underlying investments.

Sub-type: Open-end (ex. Mutual funds, Hedge funds)
They have a variable token supply, meaning they can be issued and redeemed upon request. Tokens’ value equals the NAV of the underlying investments which includes any management fee.

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