Asset-Backed Tokens

Asset-Backed Tokens (ABT)

Description: Asset-Backed Token (ABT) represent digital ownership with respect to an underlying tangible, intangible or financial asset. Lescovex only considers for listing this type of tokens whose underlying assets are highly fungible, such as commodities and securities.

Contract standardisation: With the aim of facilitating the trading activity for asset-backed tokens, Confoederatio will define standardised contracts with some specifications such as contract unit, settlement method and procedures as well as delivery period for the underlying asset.



Asset-Backed Token

  • Ticker: ABT
  • Token: ERC20 (Ethereum)
  • Solidity code Repository


Fully configurable smart contracts

  • Initial supply
  • Token name
  • Decimal units
  • Token symbol
  • Asset category
  • Contract specs


Set different subtypes

Sub-type: Commodities (ex. Agriculture, Metals, Energy, Currencies...)
Asset-backed tokens whose underlying asset is a commodity. Therefore, they have no intrinsic value.

Sub-type: Financial assets (ex. Equity, Debt, Derivatives...)
Asset-backed tokens whose underlying asset is a financial asset. Therefore, they have intrinsic value.

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